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Super Darius

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: nec / taito - publisher: nec - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: near mint, fake spine - rarity: common

Review -Super Darius is a port of the original arcade coin op Darius and it is basically the same game as Darius+ on cartridge, except for the inclusion of limited continues and cd quality soundtrack.

The aquatic theme and bosses, as well as the different paths to reach the end of the game were introduced with this game, or actually with the coin op on which this port is based.

As of gameplay, the power up system is rather basic and even when your ship is fully powered up, that's still not very impressive.

What makes this game hard is that if you lose a life, all your weapon upgrades will be gone and it will suddenly become very hard to progress. The limited continues (only 3) make things even harder.

Bottom line: Super Darius aged a bit roughly, and it is difficult to recommend given the huge amount of better shooters on Pc Engine. 6,5/10










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