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Magical Chase

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: palsoft - publisher: quest - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

First edition pictured above. The game was also re-released as a Fan Edition. You can tell the difference because the fan edition has a sticker on the back of the case mentioning it. This first edition might be slightly rarer.


A side-scrolling shooter in the same vein of Cotton...


...and one of the reasons to own a PCE.

Review - I first played Magical Chase on the GBC and I was surprisingly impressed by that port.

Now, I had a chance to actually play the original PC Engine Hucard and after going through it, I must admit that I am even more impressed with the quality of the GBC version! Of course, Magical Chase on PCE looks better, because it is more colorful and because the graphical details are easier to appreciate on a bigger screen but despite what I thought, it is not so much better than the GBC port!

Anyways, Magical Chase is a super fast side-scrolling shooter with a circus-like theme. In the first level, there is a clever use of pseudo 3D effects with weird cube formations attacking you. The effect feels refreshingly new, despite the venerable age of this game.

Levels are fast, with plenty of gorgeous parallax scrolling giving to the game an even faster look. You can upgrade your weapons and purchase extra items in stores, although this time the store owner will be a pumpkin(!?) rather than the hot chick in the GBC port. Other than that, Magical Chase comes as fully recommended.

Bottom line: It is easily one of the most technically impressive games for Hucard and its gameplay remained great to this very day. Purchase it blindly, you will not regret it.....9/10










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