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L Dis

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: masiya - publisher: ncs - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: not very

A little known and very tough side-scrolling shooter by the creators of Gynoug , Gleylancer and Macross 2036.


Graphically simple but well done, L Dis is at times reminiscent of The Lost Sunheart


The cute graphics hide an incredibly difficult shooter for real experts


Harmful Park anyone?


On Easy mode, you'll be able to play only 4 levels and you'll get to this screen. I did this without cheating. For the real ending, set the game difficulty to normal and use the debug code to increase your lives and power up level...unless you plan on spending the rest of your life in trying to finish this game!


The last level (level 6) looks actually amazing with a very speedy parallax / rotating effect. It is insanely difficult though and for no reason at all.


The last boss is actually fairly easy compared to what you went through just before...


... kill him and you'll have to escape through a moving tunnel at high speed before facing again another boss and finish the game...


Engrish strikes back!

Review - With its cute cartoony graphics, L Dis could lead you to believe it is an easy shooter à la Parodius.

As soon as you pick up the pad though, you'll probably break your face on one of the toughest horizontal shooters ever made on PCE and elsewhere! You have about three lives (with instant respawn) but once you lose them, it is back to the beginning of the level. This wouldn't be that bad if each level wasn't made of several different sections, and bosses didn't have about 3 or 4 forms each!

L Dis is a frustratingly hard shooter, but by setting the difficulty on Easy, I was able to get through the first 4 levels. Too bad that on easy mode, the game stops there! To see the 2 additional levels and the real ending, you'll have to play the game at least on normal mode in which bosses have more health points and therefore take longer to be disposed of…If the first 4 levels are tough, level 5 and 6 are extremely challenging, particularly level 6 with its never-ending boss marathon which will drive even the calmer gamer to an epilepsy crisis …

It is unfortunate that not many players will feel motivated enough to play L Dis because it indeed offers some decent visuals, with vivid colors and some slight parallax scrolling, and funny-looking power-ups. Your ship will be shooting all kinds of things like biped missiles, bouncing eggs, shoes, you name it…

When your ship is fully powered up, it almost looks like it's coming straight out of Harmful Park , but it takes ages to get to that point and if you get hit, you just lose a life and all of the accumulated weapons…

Moreover, power ups don't come in the form of recognizable icons but rather as tablets with Japanese writings on them, making it difficult to tell what power up you're actually picking!

The cd music sounds excellent and the themes are entirely appropriate and fit the game just right so in the end, it is a real pity that L Dis qualities will be appreciated only by very few.

If you played most of the shooters on PCE, you might want to check L Dis out as well. Keep in mind it is only for experts though!

Bottom line: a tough little bastard...6,5/10










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