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Image Fight II

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: irem - publisher: irem- format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find











Review -Image Fight, the first in the series is a popular vertical coin op shooter from the makers of R-Type.

Image Fight saw a number of ports for many home systems and I am ashamed to admit I never actually bothered to finish it.

Image Fight II is not a coin op port and it was actually developed exclusively for the Pc Engine. As a result, this one is a bit obscure and not many people played it. I was one of these people until one day I decided to give it a go and…surprise surprise, Image Fight II is simply awesome!!

When you hear people saying that the PC Engine is home to some of the best Japanese shooters ever made, it is really games like Image Fight II which helped build such a reputation.

Everything about it screams quality. The cut-scenes, the detail in the levels, the music, the balanced yet challenging gameplay, and that insane “Penalty Area” which is the toughest thing in the entire game.

The Penalty Area actually shows up if your performance is actually negative in percentage terms after finishing a number of levels. How is that percentage calculated? After each level that you complete, you are given a percentage based on either the number of continues you use, or on the time you needed to finish a level (now I am not sure which one of these two factors it is).

Anyways, after going through a number of levels, I ended up being in the negative so I had to face the dreaded “Penalty Area” which is a true nightmare. I eventually made it past it, and after that the rest of the game seemed childishly easy in comparison (but it really is not). Everything is relative I guess…

Image Fight II comes as highly recommended. The beautiful sprites and backgrounds, coupled with the clever gameplay, the cool power up system and the challenging difficulty make it one of the best shooters on NEC’s 8 bit monster.

Bottom line: A beautiful surprise. This rare rose is worth picking up, just beware of the thorns, they will make you bleed...9/10










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