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version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: gainax - publisher: nec - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Götzendiener is a remarkable little game not only for its German name which means Idolater (one who worships idols), but also for the fact that in this game, you’ll be playing as a princess in distress whose rescue attempt by a courageous hero has miserably failed.

Next thing you know is that the sweet blond princess turns into a warrior in order to survive and escape the dungeon she has been imprisoned into.

Götzendiener is an action game with heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzles and some combat.

Combat is for the most part slow and very basic, with some horrible slow down which pitifully makes it feel like you are fighting under water. If you can get past this, the rest of the game is actually very decent with cool puzzles, and very nice cut-scenes.

The story also has that twist that really made me want to play through the game. Götzendiener is not very long and not even very challenging so if you want to try something different, don’t be afraid to give this one a try.

Bottom line: Something different. 6/10










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