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Argos No Senshi aka Rygar

version: jp - year: 1987 - developer: tecmo - publisher: tecmo - format: famicom, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: hard to find





Review - Not a straight arcade port, Rygar on Famicom (and NES) is a well crafted action / platformer with adventure elements and non-linear stage development.

The 1st stage is amazingly done: as the sunset gracefully scrolls in the background (yes, that's a layer of parallax scrolling on Famicom!), you whip ever re-spawning enemies into oblivion!

Also specific to this version are the over-head sections that add in some variety to the overall experience.

The Japanese version of Rygar should be identical to the US version, except for the box art and for the music in the 1st few stages that has been changed in the US version.

It is interesting to notice that the box art looks definitely more childish compared to the Mark III or to the X68 000 versions. This shows clearly enough that the FC / NES demographics was much younger than that of the other systems.

Bottom line: an interesting arcade port, which deviates from the original and offers a few gameplay twists. 7/10










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