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version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: compile - publisher: tonkin house- format: famicom, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: very


Vertical-scrolling quality shooter from Compile


Mayday... Mayday!! Bunnies turned evil are plotting to take over the world and change our dining habits forever! Pasta and meat are to be outlawed forever. Lunch and dinner as we know them will be a distant memory of the past. The Era of Carrot-pies and Carrot-juice is upon us...


This level reminds me of Konami's Salamander


People at Compile must be pro-abortion...kill the foetus to wipe out this new alien civilization in its infancy! But is it really the last boss?!

Review - Attacking carrots, evil robot bunnies, an overgrown cat floating oblivious into outer space…these are the ingredients of this parodic approach at the Aleste series.

Underneath the humorous layer is hidden a fairly long and reasonably challenging vertical shooter with high production values.

The fast scrolling, coupled with the diverse and detailed backgrounds and the frantic action make Gunnac stand out compared to most other shooters on Nintendo's 8 bit console. Colors are definitely well chosen and make the best possible use of the limited color palette of the Famicom while there is only some marginal sprites flickering only when the screen gets really crowded.

As for the audio part, it's unfortunately not as inspired and the little Japanese tunes eventually got on my nerves so don't expect much from the soundtrack.

Gameplay is very similar to Aleste and Super Aleste as most of the weapons will look and feel familiar if you played any of the games in the reguliar series.

There are about 8 stages and fortunately the game becomes more challenging towards the final levels where tons of bullets will flood the screen. In the end, Compile crafted a very enjoyable vertical shooter which is certainly worth a try especially if you are into the Aleste games. Don't let the funny and cute-ish graphics fool you because Gunnac will provide a solid gaming experience.

Bottom line: a cute but tough vertical shooter, Compile style!8/10










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