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Final Mission aka S.C.A.T. Special Cybernetic Attack Team

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: natsume - publisher: natsume - format: jp - condition: mint - rarity: rare jp version



Review - Developed by Natsume, Final Mission is a clone of Capcom's Forgotten World which is notable for two things: the simultaneous two-players mode and the insane difficulty level.

This is a game on which I actually got stuck on level 4 (out of 5) because it requires a lot of patience, memorization and a bit of luck. Unfortunately I only had two days to deal with Final Mission, so in the end I had to give up.

Final Mission is a rather good game, with super clean and fast graphics, and cool music. Gameplay is also interesting as you can rotate your character 360 degrees meaning that enemy fire will literally come from anywhere on the screen. This makes for a super challenging game but also, for a game which is never boring. Levels tend to be very different one from the other and this certainly enhances the overall experience.

Recommended if you like your shooters to require time, practice, memorization, self sacrifice, pain and cursing. A lot of it too!

Bottom line: This is like trench warfare on your famicom! 8/10










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