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version: jp - year: 1989- developer: natsume - publisher: natsume - format: famicom, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find jp version








Review -As far as obscure, balanced yet unforgiving shmups go, it really doesn’t get any better than Abadox.

The organic theme also doesn’t get any better than that with all kinds of interior organs, teeth, tongues, intestines and other assorted and unspecified orifices as backgrounds.

Abadox also includes detailed graphics with fast scrolling, varied enemies, disturbing bosses, eerie music and alternating horizontal and vertical levels.

The vertical levels scroll downward and reminded me a bit of the MSX2 shooter Androgynus.

Abadox is also rather challenging, and requires you to know enemy placement before you have a chance to actually figure out what is going on. The beauty of it though is that it is always possible to make it past a level, even if you lost all your weapons. It's all about positioning your ship in the right spots and knowing what comes next.

Abadox is an intense shooter, tough and inspired, it is a game worth discovering and playing even today just because it offers a timeless challenge framed within one of the better looking Famicom games.

Bottom line: This game will make you curse and lose your temper in frustration and total anger. But it is also an excellent shooter, which begs to be played from start to finish. Play it, get annihilated, learn it, and conquer it. 9/10










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