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Danshaku aka Nanostray

version: jp - year: 2006 - developer: shin'en - publisher: taito, majesco - format: nintendo ds, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Bosses are well done


Smart bombs are very useful so remember to use them often!

Review - From the creators of the GBA-exclusive 3D shooters Iridion 3D and Iridion II comes Nanostray (Danshaku or Dansyaku in Japan) , the Nintendo DS sequel.

Being western-developed by German codeshop Shin'en, Danshaku was actually released in Japan by Taito 6 months after the US release of the game.

Danshaku looks and feel very much like a Silpheed clone and gameplay is very straightforward.

Graphically, it is definitely solid as it features a number of different planets which are usually nicely detailed. Polygons are crisp and textures are detailed enough although sometimes, I couldn't get rid of the impression that some of the textures seemed to be pasted around on solid geometrical shapes. It's hard to explain, but the effect makes some of the locations look a bit fake (this is very common in 3D game-worlds anyway). Luckily, most of the time you'll be treated with great looking settings.

One which springs to mind is the water planet, where you'll actually see the sky beautifully reflected on the surface of the ocean. Bosses are fairly big and look extremely crisp and they are never impossible to destroy.

Aside from the 4 main weapons, it's possible to activate a secondary weapon by picking up blue icons. This sub-weapon is really powerful and you should use it as much as you can on tougher enemies and bosses to wipe them out instantly (maybe in combination with a couple of smart bombs!).

The touch screen isn't really used a great deal in this game, and it's not really suited to be used for switching weapons either…

In the end, Danshaku still offers some genuine and mindless shmupping action. Considering it is western-developed, it is truly astounding but it still lacks that little something to make it stand out compared to Japanese-developed shooters.

Bottom line: a very entertaining western-developed shooter..7/10











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