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Thor God of Thunder (Il Dio Del Tuono)

version: pal (it) - year: 2011 - developer: wayforward - publisher: sega - format: nindento ds, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: common

The DS version is completely different from the 3DS, the Xbox360, the PS3 and the Wii versions and it was also developed by a different company.


Backgrounds look nice but they tend to lack variety and detail.


Bosses span on the two DS screens and are the best part of the game


The last boss in particular will require some manic shmupping reflexes to be defeated!

Review - Thor God of Thunder is the videogame adaptation of the 2011 action movie Thor which was itself based on the popular Marvel Comic super hero from the early sixties.

This DS edition was exclusively developed by WayForward Technologies and it is significantly different from all other versions which were released for other platforms.

Thor on DS is basically an old school 2D action platformer which will look very traditional at first glance.

Generally, the graphics do look nice since backgrounds have several smooth layers of parallax scroll and Thor himself is well animated with plenty of frames of animation.

Probably though, the most impressive graphical feature is the bosses which take up the two DS screens and look detailed, intimidating and mighty impressive. They zoom in and out of the action with effects which will immediately bring to mind the Mode 7 from the Super Nes era.

The action in Thor is also ok, although it tends to become a bit repetitive because lesser enemies tend to simply be color-swapped clones of previous enemies and although nicely drawn, backgrounds tend to repeat themselves more than they should.

Also, the action itself tends to be linear with the use of the two DS screens limited to high jumps and bosses.

The music in Thor is surely empowering and epic as it complements the action flawlessly.

Thor is fun to play although the asking retail price is probably not justified given that it’s the kind of game you could replicate either on iOS or even on cell phone, if it was not for the dual screen feature.

Bottom line: Thor is a pleasant 2D action game which will please gamers who grew up chewing on Mega Drive and Super Famicom action games. My only real complaint is that the Dual screen action really shines during the awesome boss fights but it is otherwise underused during the rest of the game. 6,5/10










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