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Metroid Prime Pinball

version: jp - year: 2006 - developer: fuse games - publisher: nintendo - format: nintendo ds, cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: slight

The rumble pak is included in the package and it vibrates when the ball hits an obstacle. Awesome!


Energy fields can be collected to fill the void between the two flippers. Very useful since it will avoid losing a lot of balls.


In this secondary mission, Samus abandons the ball form to fire against enemy waves. Clear the table and don't get hit more than 3 times to collect an artifact.


The Japanese version of the game was released later than in the US.


Defeat the boss the collect an artifact. Shooting missiles makes things faster if you earned that ability.


The Artifact Temple is maybe the toughest table as it can be hard to focus on the lower flipper to survive and on the upper ones to clear the last door.


The final level is extremely cool and definitely has a gothic / alien flavor to it.


Review - If Alien Crash, Devil Crash or Pinball of the Dead ring a bell, then chances are you will also like Metroid Prime Pinball.

It mixes elements from a real pinball simulation with elements of the Metroid universe while providing a unique playing experience. The game uses the two Nintendo DS screens to fit the entire playing table while tilting is achieved simply by touching the touch screen. This function is not very intuitive though, and I doubt you’ll use it often.

Aside from the two main boards from which you can access bonus levels and secondary missions, there are 2 other boards which require you to defeat a boss in order to acquire some extra powers (bombs, missiles...) and to collect artifacts. Once you acquire 12 artifacts, you’ll be given the option to teleport to a 5th board called the Artifact Temple, in which you’ll have 6 balls simultaneously on-screen and you’ll have to destroy 12 targets. If you lose all the balls, you’ll exit the level and you’ll have to teleport there again from another table. This part is challenging, as it can be hard to aim at the targets in the upper screen while trying not to lose any of the balls. Successfully destroy all targets and you get teleported to the last stage, and the final boss fight.

Graphically, Metroid Prime Pinball is nothing short of gorgeous. Sharp and atmospheric backgrounds with varied settings and cool-looking bosses provide a nice frame for Pinball fans and Metroid fans alike. The evocative graphics get even better with meteorological effects such as rain, while bonus levels provide an interesting diversion and secondary missions are crucial to quickly gather artifacts in an attempt to unlock the Artifact Temple. There is even some shooting action to be had in which you’ll be required to use your cannon to clear the pinball table of alien waves. Successfully collecting weapons or beating certain bosses will unlock some brief but cool 3D animations.

The music and sound effects retain the same flavor of Metroid series, they sound crystal clear and very evocative.

Gameplay definitely flies as the mix between a pinball simulation and the sci-fi universe of Metroid is simply unique, gorgeous and engrossing. At this point, If you enjoy Pinball games or are a fan of Metroid, there is no reason for you not to play this game.

Bottom line: An accomplished little gem. 9/10










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