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Valis The Fantasm Soldier

version: jp - year: 1986 - developer: telenet japan- publisher: telenet japan- format: msx, 16 kb cartridge - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

Telenet Game Music Collection Vol.1 includes the complete Valis The Fantasm Soldier OST from the PC-88 vers

Review - Really cool official Valis artwork and sketches in the manual, but other than that, I am afraid that this version of Valis is far from being great.

When I first plugged Valis in, I thought I didn't plug the cart correctly because the graphics were so beyond horrible.

I understand the game requires a meagre 16Kb of Ram to run, but it shows! Not only graphically it looks like something is wrong with it, but the scrolling gave me an instant headache...

Blinking, monochromatic enemies mercilessly clubbed me several times to death as I was trying to understand if in the cartridge, there actually was a game.

After 5 minutes of random attempts, the screeching "music" finished me off as I helplessly gave up in utter pain.

Valis for MSX looks, sounds and plays like somebody's nightmare.

Play the PCE version instead and forget about this one quickly; you'll be thankful!

While looking at Valis manual, on the last page there is a list of obscure Japanese systems (stuff like X-1, FM77AV, PC-88 and PC-98) for which I believe Valis came out. I would really like to see some scans of these versions, so if somebody knows where to find them, I'd appreciate if you let me know ;)

Bottom line: play this game only if you need to atone for your sins....2/10













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