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Ashguine Story II

version: jp - year: 1987 - developer: T&E Soft - publisher: panasoft - format: msx2 cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

The artwork is excellent for the 3 games in the trilogy

Review - The second game of the Ashguine trilogy has been developed by T&E Soft and it is probably the most technically accomplished.

The side-scrolling formula has been abandoned to adopt a top-down view, Gauntlet style.

Graphically, the game looks impressive since backgrounds are nicely drawn, while the main character is convincingly animated. Colors are very appropriate and overall, Ashguine Story II looks crisp and clean.

The music isn't very inspired and it actually is borderline annoying. It is definitely a step back compared to the first game.

Gameplay consists of collecting keys to open doors, travelling through teleports in labyrinthine levels. After a while, you'll probably end up revisiting the same places almost in a loop because of the disorienting structure of the levels. This gets old pretty quickly and there doesn't seem to be enough going on to keep me on playing.

To conclude, Ashguine Story II looks definitely attractive but it is let down by the repetitive nature of the gameplay.

Bottom line: an attractive looking game let down by repetitive gameplay....6/10










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