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version: jp - year: 1984 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: msx1, ld-700, laserdisc - condition: very good - rarity: very

The only laserdisc game ever made by Konami, Badlands was only released in the arcades and for the MSX LD systems.


There are some mild differences between the arcade version and the MSX port...


...mainly consisting of a few static screens included in the MSX version


...such a this one which shows the various wanted killers you manage to kill


or this death screen. As you can see, these additions are of MSX1 quality.


The rest of the game is basically identical to the arcade counterpart...


and that's a funny sd version of yourself once you run out of lives...

Review - "We were livin' a quiet life, when one day for no reason my wife and my children were killed in cold blood! And I was wounded, unable to help. Why this? Why us? Why? I won't let them get away with it. I'll get every last one of 'em!"

Your family massacred, you go on a revenge mission to exterminate the killers while also collecting bounties to earn additional points and extra lives.

If the initial story of Badlands seems violent and adult oriented, the game throws at you some Wild West firefights as well as some humorous moments and time travelling sequences in which you’ll find yourself shooting at skeletons, dinosaurs and monsters! Disorienting? Maybe. Entertaining? Most definitely!

Badlands is a unique interactive movie, with an unusual Western setting which first hit the coin-op scene back in 1984. It is the only laserdisc game which was ever developed by Konami and incidentally, it is also one of the best!

Interestingly, it requires the player to press the fire button at the right time to kill enemies and advance through the animated movie. Pressing fire in the wrong moment will lead to humorous death sequences.

This MSX version was released in the same year and should be very similar to the arcade version. Badlands gameplay premise might lead you to believe it is a simplistic game, but in reality, it can be very tough to “guess” the right time to shoot because there are almost no visual cues to help you understand that.

Sometimes, timing is very stringent and unforgiving as in the last scene in which you’ll be required to shoot once and just once in a typical one-on-one Old West shoot-out. It is very tricky because you’ll toss a coin and you’ll have to shoot at the last boss right after the coin hits the ground and before he shoots at you. The sadistic part is that if you shoot too early or too late, the game will loop back to level one without giving you a chance to try again!!!

I tried for a whole afternoon and eventually I managed to get the exact timing right and got to see the very brief ending sequence, of which a part is even played in the introductory demo...Anyways, the idea of the duel is pretty good since I really felt like I went through a real duel ;)

Also, I should probably mention that you only have a stock of 3 lives with no continues although after around half of the game (or level 5 or 6) the game will start awarding 2 or 3 extra lives and this really helps.

Curiously, getting killed will often make the game skip to the next scene and sometimes, depending on who you shoot, some alternate scenes will play. This system is interesting, as it is an attempt at throwing in some variety, but it also makes things tougher if you are trying to memorize all the sequences in order!

It should be said that the game should be fairly fast at changing between scenes or at displaying death sequences. If for some reason it takes a lot of time, I would suggest turning off and then on again the laserdisc player and load the laserdisc over. I say this because the first time I loaded the game, loading death scenes took forever to show up and that really interrupted the game flow. After I turned everything off and then back on again, the game loaded fast and flawlessly, and that’s probably the way Konami intended it to be!

Anyways, Badlands is most certainly a Laserdisc of a rare breed. It feels fresh in its gameplay approach and the quality of the animations is really good too. The game is all spoken in English which is a definite plus. The only downside is probably the price. Being so rare and being the only LD game developed by Konami makes it one of the most sought after games in the Laserdisc scene.

Bottom line: A true holy grail among Konami fans, Badlands is also an excellent game of its own. 9/10










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