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Hardware - Palcom MSX PX-V60 & Pioneer LD-700 combo

Palcom developed some unique MSX1 machines such as the MSX PX-7 and its evolution the MSX PX-V60 (pictured above). The PX-7 was also released in Europe but unfortunately all games were NTSC so they required a full NTSC set-up to work (computer + laserdisc player). What made these computers unique was the fact they could be hooked up to a few Laserdisc models and control them through the Laservision interface. The Palcom MSX computers could also super-impose graphics onto Laserdisc-generated images and movies.

A few games were developed for these unusual systems, and they were really ahead of their time in terms of audio-visuals. Upon hooking everything up, select option [1] MSX BASIC + P-BASIC and then just type the "call ld" command using the basic interface and launch the game.
The Laserdisc player I used is the 1984 Pioneer LD-700, the American equivalent of the Japanese Pioneer LD-7000. The LD-700 is a heavy beast. The tray pops up after pressing the "eject" button and it requires to be manually pulled.
The interesting thing about this "combo" is that it could be considered the ancestor of the Pioneer Laseractive CLD-A100 which came out 10 years later.











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