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Zero Wing

version: pal - year: 1991 - developer: toaplan - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very rare pal release


AYBABTU!!! The story goes like this:

- Sega of Japan needed somebody to take care of the translation of the "extremely complicated" story of Zero Wing for the European market. It was decided that one of the programmers of the game was going to translate it. The poor guy was taking evening classes of "Engrish" and it was only 2 weeks he got started! The result is the esoteric translation that has been immortalized by the internet videoclip...


Some random piece of machinery is attacking you


When a big, one-eyed purple thing looks at you like this, you might have a problem


Jungle and machinery blend together seamlessly in the alien landscape...


And here comes the king of zits

Review - Never released in the USA.

Horizontal shooter by Toaplan with nice power ups, fast scrolling and memorable music.

The intro is very funny for its great "Engrish" translation, specifically engineered for the Pal territories :)

Oh and by the way..."All your base are belong to us!!"

Bottom line: A nice conversion of the coin-op, for a traditional and tough side-scrolling shooter....8/10










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