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version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: good - rarity: common

Whip Rush was also released in the USA and Europe


Flying in the clouds, with tons of parallax layers. Here, the wall and the ceiling will suddenly close on you as this mid-boss fires lasers you need to avoid in tight maneuvering space.


To defeat this funny-looking over-wheight boss, simply increase to the maximum speed and circumnavigate it while shooting.


Level 2 boss is very entertaining and not very hard once you understand what to do.


Make sure to have a rear-firing weapon for this stage.


A nicely detailed background


This boss is a real nightmare and requires pixel-perfect handling of the ship in order to be defeated...don't give up yet!


Another excellent yet pretty hard level featuring original enemies attack patterns


A brief cut-scene...Is it over?!


Not yet! Prepare for the last stage . Hey I think this purple thing should drop by the dentist sometimes soon...


As you can see, the last stage graphical theme changes a lot. From organical to mechanical evil.


The last boss has annoying tentacles which gradually can reach the end of the screen and fires a few nasty bullets


Mission completed, everything is cleared ;)


Big explosion, nothing is left of the alien threat


Time to go back home, spaghetti are wating on the table lol

Review - Whip Rush is another side-scrolling 2d shooter from the early 90s which to my knowledge, is exclusive to the Mega Drive / Genesis.

In a way, it is somewhat reminiscent of Thunder Force III although it is not as good. You can adjust your speed setting which is neat, and the game is actually fairly decent-looking with overall good audio-visuals.

Levels are varied and not too long, while bosses are actually the strong-point of the game as they will require a good dose of strategy and reflexes.

Messing with the speed settings of your ship will often help too to effectively face the end-of-level baddies.

There are a few neat touches here and there, such as when you go into the underwater level and your speed drops dramatically because of water resistance. A

nyways, Whip Rush is no easy game, although it is generous with its instant respawn points and with the award of extra lives. Of course, you'll get plenty of extra lives if you play well and rarely get killed so this game really helps people who are already good so it might put off less experienced players.

In the end, Whip Rush is a nice little old school shooter. I wouldn't rush to play it, but it deserves a few plays if you enjoy this type of games, also because it is dirt cheap.

Bottom line: a mega drive exclusive side-scrolling shooter by sega which is overall pleasant to play, but doesn't really bring anything new....6.5/10











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