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version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: opera house / isco - publisher: asmik - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: spine sunfaded - rarity: uncommon

Exclusive Mega Drive shooter


Several layers of parallax scrolling here, alhough slightly jerky..


Flying over the ruins of a flooded modern city..reminiscent of Aleste 2 on MSX2


A harmless asteroid field for once :)


Bosses are often easy to beat


The last stage has an organic theme, how original!


The mid-level boss is a cube...shoot the core with the laser for a quick victory


The 1st part of the last boss. Shoot the legs quickly before they drop down and reach you!


The 2nd part consists of eyes shooting lasers. Get lucky and destroy them all for the credits roll...

Review - An early vertical shooter on Mega Drive, with full screen graphics, very nice music and classic gameplay.

Verytex isn't innovative or groundbreaking in anyways, but it is overall well done and it is worth a few plays if you are a fan of the genre.

Levels tend to feel a bit long and repetitive though and dying sends your ship back to the last checkpoint which is often far back...

For the most part, the difficulty isn't very high although the last boss is almost impossible to beat unless you get lucky…And given the limited continues, it can really become frustrating to 1cc the entire game right to the last boss only to be wiped out within seconds…and get repeatedly sent back to the last checkpoint and eventually back to the beginning of the game out of pure cheapness…Still worth a go though!

Bottom line: A nice little shooter with decent graphics and nice music. Gameplay is reasonably challenging until you hit an invisible difficulty wall by the last boss....6.5/10











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