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Vampire Killer aka Castlevania Bloodlines aka Castlevana the New Generation

version(s): jp, usa, pal - year: 1994 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very (jp), slight (usa, pal)


No blood for Europe. After all, Europeans are traditionally bloodthirsty people as two Wolrd Wars teach. Also, Dracula has his residence in Transylvania so this is the definite proof that Europeans are too much into blood than it is healthy. Result? Konami decides no blood for bad Europeans. But a blood bath for the rest of the world. Nice.


You can pick between 2 characters, one of which holds a trident instead of the standard whip. Legend says that in the Pal version, he also uses it as a fork sometimes, to dine on the corpses of the defeated enemies (but only on third wednesdays of odd weeks during even months)


This is the American whip-holding body building guy. He looks way too modern and he doesn't have a fraction of the graceful movements of Alucard in Dracula X. He is just out of place in the game...GET HIM OUT OF HERE!


At least the blood is all here unlike the censored Pal version


Review - The original, uncut version! Finally! My endless quest to find Vampire Killer on Mega Drive has ended after a few years of intense searching. Now that I finally have it, I will have to play this game once and for all through the end(the other versions of this game that I own never counted for me!)

Yesterday night (June 3rd, 2002), I decided to sit down in front of my Monitor and play Vampire Killer. After 10 min of messing around with the Genesis adaptor, changing switches around in all possible combinations, I finally got the game to work...

First of, the logo. Blood drops fall off the letters as the intro introduces you to the setting (rather modern compared to the other games of the series) and to the characters. The 1st impression I got while I was playing is that Vampire Killer is actually a worthy addition to the saga. Sure the technical limitations of the Genesis hardware sometimes show, but overall the game is worth playing.

Graphically,the whole adventure is always suprising either positively or negatively. What I mean is that the backgrounds are sometimes very inspired and amazingly executed while other times, they are just plain terrible(I would say almost offensive! :)

For example, the stage set in Italy is a sight to behold (hehe...no, it's not because I'm Italian!), since colors are well chosen and there are plenty of Mode 7-esque effects like the leaning Tower of Pisa.

The stage set in the ruins of Atlantis is also unbelievable, as it features very nicely crafted water reflections. Unfortunately, there are other stages (such as the one set in Germany) that are atrocious both in terms of lack of colors and in terms of design.

At times, the grafx can get so bad as to make you wonder if there is a bug. The last stage in particular has one section where the parallax scrolling is voluntarely split from the foreground, and to say that it looks painful is an understatement!

Aside from the backgrounds, the characters are decently animated and I have no complaints.

The music is wonderful. Actually, it is so good that I am considering to buy the soundtrack(I am not sure there is one, I should check!). In the 4th stage, it truely reaches unattainable peaks of excellence. The only downfall is the sound chip of the Genesis that is not quiet up to the task.

The gameplay is pure bliss. This game is one of the best action /platformers on Mega Drive, eventhough the Japanese vers is a bit easy but its really not much of a problem.

note: the green blood is just pathetic.... Not only Europe gets the worse games conversions with black borders and reduced speed, but it also gets ridiculous censorship. We are spoiled...

Bottom line: Vampire Killer is a nice chapter in the long-running Castlevania saga, although it lacks the atmosphere and mode 7 effects of Super Castlevania IV on Snes...8/10











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