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Splatterhouse Part 3

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: namco - publisher: namco - format: mega drive, 16 mbit cartridge - condition: good - rarity: slight


A freaky game indeed...


The Splatterhouse formula has been altered in this 3rd chapter and Rick has actually two forms. The amount of frames used to animate his sprite is really impressive too, especially if compared to the previous games.


Early in the game, if you don't make it on time, you'll lose your wife in a horrible way...

Review - "The Boreworm in Jennifer moves under her skin sending ghastly waves across her flesh. It begins to devour her. The worm grows. It feasts on her organs. The worm gorges Jennifer's brain. It squirms bloated in her skull. You didn't save her in time. Jennifer has become a mindless beast. Deformed by the Boreworm even Rick couldn't recognize her now. She is changed..... forever."

This 3rd chapter takes the series into firm beat'em up territory abandoning all platforming elements.

This means Splatterhouse Part 3 plays more like Streets of Rage but with a key difference: progression inside levels is not linear and multiple paths can be taken. Don't worry about getting lost though because by pressing a button, a very handy map visualizes the whole level so it is pretty easy to find the fastest way to the boss, if you are not interested in collecting extra health or magic.

Another interesting twist is that according to how fast you complete certain levels, the plot will change and there are actually four different endings with only one which is a true happy ending in which you reunite with your whole family. This element adds some tension to the experience which features photorealistic and disturbing cut-scenes to progress the story.

About the difficulty level, this game is actually a lot easier than the previous games and also it offers less levels. The time-limit imposed to get to the good ending makes the game more challenging though (I did get the good ending using a walkthough).

Bottom line: SplatterHouse Part 3 introduces some new elements which differentiate it from the previous chapters of this glorious series. For this, it is worth going through although the first two games shine brighter. 7,5/10











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