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Splatterhouse Part 2

version: jp/usa - year: 1992 - developer: namco - publisher: namco - format: mega drive / genesis, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: good/fair - rarity: uncommon/slight


US/Euro vers - This version has a few differences compared to the Japanese version such as a password system, some changes in the story...


...and decreased health by one unit (or one heart).


Jp vers. - your girlfriend often appears in the game. A good motivation to push you further into hell...


Once you manage to save her, you need to escape together from the mansion in one of the most inspired parts in the whole series of Splatterhouse games. Here, get rid of a Cthulhu aberration chasing you!


Once on the ground again, it is time for the final confrontation...


The ending isn't too fancy...


...it includes some funny English...


and some hard-earned romance at last!


Review - This is an update of my Splatter House 2 review since I had the US version of the game for a long time but I failed to give it the necessary attention for a variety of reasons.

After getting the original Japanese version and playing through it, I can say that this game truly is a worthy sequel to the cult original first game. I am also tempted to say that it sometimes even surpasses it!

Splatterhouse Part 2 seems to be an extension of the first game with even more inspired levels. The graphics are generally good, although the mist looks painful as in every other Mega Drive game (no transparencies support for my beloved MD!) The gothic atmosphere is back with a supporting soundtrack which wouldn't be out of place among the best Castlevania games out there while the gore is also back with monsters and bosses which look as disturbing as ever.

Gameplay is also rather good with some bosses being quiet hard and requiring to be played several times to understand their patterns.

The Japanese version of Splatter House 2 has a few differences if compared to the euro/usa version. The story is actually a bit changed with the English text being entirely different in the cut-scenes between levels. Rick's mask has also been redrawn for the US version, and looks a bit like a skull.

Other differences which directly affect the gameplay are the fact that in the Japanese original, Rick (the character you control) has an extra square of health compared to the western versions but sadistically, the Japanese version grants you only 5 continues to finish the game (vs a password system in the euro/us versions).

Despite this limitation, I managed to finish the game well within the 5 continues provided meaning that once you get the strategies for the game pinned down, it is possible to make it, even fast! The last boss is particularly annoying though, but I must say that watching a youtube strategy video not only gave me hope on finishing the game but it also allowed me to make it to the end quick and (almost) painlessly.

Bottom line: Splatter House Part 2 for the Mega drive is a worthy sequel and one of the better exclusive titles for Sega's 16 bit system. 9/10











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