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Argos No Ju-Jiken aka Rygar

version: jp - year: 1988 - developer: tecmo - publisher: salio - format: sega mark III, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

Review - The classic arcade game Rygar was ported to many format including Lynx, Famicom / Nes, C64 and X68 000!

The Sega Mark III version is a straight port from the coin-op and it is also a tech-marvel that makes great use of the Mark III chips.

Graphically, the game looks close enough to the arcade game and the parallax has been kept from the original.

The cover art in particular (and to a lesser extent, the sparse art in the booklet) is very nicely drawn especially compared to the art usually found on western releases. Rygar is a Mark III exclusive as it never saw the light on the western Master System.

Bottom line: a solid port of an early arcade classic. 8/10











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