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Musha Aleste Fullmetal Fighter Ellinor (aka Musha)

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: compile - publisher: toaplan - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: slight


Musha Aleste is an early Megadrive vertical shooter


The graphics could initially look shallow ...


...but be patient until level 3 where this ground-breaking canyon will open up to you. You better not be afraid of hights!


In this narrow passageway, while shooting at the boss try to avoid the green orbs and the purple tentacles that grow out of the walls

Review - Musha Aleste was developed by Compile back in 1990 and it is still today one of the most impressive vertical shooters on Sega's 16bit console.

I must admit that I heard a lot of good things about it throughout the years but I never really had a chance to play it. After buying it off ebay, I put it on my shelf as one of those “to be played” games. Time passed but I never had the time to even look at it until yesterday when I got off work early with the ultimate purpose of going home and give it a shot. Now I can say it was a wise choice.

Musha is a fast paced shooter with an interesting “feudal Japan meets wild sci-fi” setting. Mechanized flying samurai that come out of the clouds? Don't be surprised :)

Despite the weird look of the setting, Musha Aleste features really high production values. It shows that some thought has been put into it.

Graphically, sprites are big, well drawn and the game scrolls fast with an impressive number of stuff moving around and shooting. At the beginning though, this game seems to have decent cosmetics but nothing more than that. Things really start to look amazing by level 3 where you fly over a steep canyon that has maybe 10 layers of parallax scrolling! The effect of depth is absolutely stunning and beautiful to look at! This kind of graphics on an early MD game are truly something unheard of.

As of the music, I have to say that the metal tunes left me unimpressed and to be honest I hardly remember any of them so nothing memorable here.

On the gameplay side, Musha will give you little time to even breath! Things get hectic very quickly but the game is never unfair. You have 2 weapons at your disposal (a primary weapon that can only be upgraded and a secondary weapon that can be both upgraded or switched) and some satellites that you can position in different formations. You can (and should) use both weapons simultaneously to maximize your firepower.

Having played through Musha Aleste, I must say that other shooters like Super God Trooper Zeroigar borrowed heavily from it. For one thing, the mech you control looks very similar but also the way the game plays is very close. It almost feels like Zeroigar is the unofficial 32bit sequel of Musha Aleste!

To conclude, Musha Aleste is a classic of its time that is still very enjoyable today. It's one of those games that are the perfect fit when you have a little 30 minutes to kill.

Bottom line: early yet still entertaining mega drive exclusive vertical shooter. Worth playing for sure if you are a fan of the genre...7/10











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