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Monster World IV

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: westone co. ltd - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 12 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Never released outside of Japan, it's only been ported recently to PS2 as part of the Sega Ages series.


A great action / RPG which uses the Mega Drive graphical capabilities to the limit


The arabian architecture and the colorful graphics work really well


Look at the detail in this shot...not bad huh?!

Review - Monster World IV feels like a spin off of the Wonderboy series and the main protagonist is an attractive green-haired girl named Arsha with her little pet.

She can use it to glide, double jump, activate otherwise inaccessible switches etc… Background graphics look gorgeous as they come to life through vibrant colors, parallax effects and detailed locations. Arsha herself is beautifully animated while enemies are very well characterized.

Gameplay is just like you would expect a side-scrolling action/adventure game to be, with elements of Role Playing, platforming and puzzle.

And here lies one of the main problems I had with this game: there is one specific puzzle (the riddle of the Sphinx) which consists on answering 10 randomly generated questions and needless to say you'll necessarily need some basic knowledge of Japanese to answer them, unless you want to try to get lucky. This process can get tiresome really quickly though as every time you answer wrongly, you'll be sent several screens back.

This is the only annoying aspect I found in an otherwise memorable game worth to be in every Mega Drive collection.

Bottom line: a charming action adventure game with a unique fairy tale atmosphere...7/10










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