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Kujaku Oh 2 aka Peacock King 2 or Mystic Defender

version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: makoto ogino / sheisha - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: common

Sequel of SpellCaster on SMS


Better known as Mystic Defender in the West


The dark graphical style is similar to Magician Lord


Level 4 is the turning point: either you make it or the game breaks you!


A hard one! Stay underneath him to avoid his attacks then jump and shoot your powered up shot!


The last boss looks terryfing and holds a surprise :)


Destroy him and your girl will be naked...


Maybe you can give her your skirt now?


An early Mega Drive game featuring nudity

Review - Inspired from a series of manga and anime (known as Spirit Warrior in the US) , Kujaku Oh 2 is the sequel of Kujaku Oh, an arcade / adventure for Sega Mark III which is known in the west as SpellCaster.

This Mega Drive version is best known in the west as Mystic Defender, and it's an action/platformer with dark overtones set in medieval Japan.

Graphically well done, levels are varied and fairly challenging until you learn to use your weapons proficiently.

Level 4 is especially unforgiving with platforming sections which could wipe out your entire stock of players and continues in a few minutes. It is also the turning point of the game though: beat it and you should be able to go through the rest of the game without too much trouble.

Interestingly, the western version of the game changed a few things like the name of the protagonists, the outfit of the main character (gone is the robe for a ninja-style outfit) and the nudity in the ending sequence.

To be honest, it appears that some early Genesis carts have the uncensored ending, although it's hard to tell which. Also in Japan , the game was apparently censored, and to my knowledge, the only way to tell between the censored and the uncensored version of the game is just to…play it to the end!

Bottom line: nicely crafted mega drive exclusive action game with devastating difficulty peaks....7/10











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