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Danan The Jungle Fighter

version: pal - year: 1990 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: sega master system, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Linda will help you out throughout your quest


Time for some swimming. Make sure to take a few breaths.


The heroic-fantasy theme will suddenly shift mid-way through the game to some cyborg-nazi theme (or something like that...)


Make sure to collect all the items you can before the last battles

Review - Take Tarzan, mix it with some elements from Jungle Hunt, Legendary Axe, Shapeshifter and maybe even Cadash and what you get is an excellent action/adventure game for the Sega Master System.

Danan's graphics are really well done. Backgrounds are colorful and varied, while sprites are big, and surprisingly well drawn.

In all truth, there is some sprite flickering when the screen is too busy but this doesn't hurt the quality of the graphics in any meaningful way. The music is also well done although it didn't really stick to my memory.

The strong-point of Danan is gameplay though, especially if you enjoy old-style action-adventure games! Handling is top-notch as Danan is very responsive.

Also, the game is really enjoyable to play because the story plays an important part and manages to create the illusion of an open-ended quest. By collecting certain icons, Danan is able to summon animals to give him a hand. Some will lift him out of danger (the eagle) while others will restore some of his health (the chimpanzee).

Boss fights are always interesting and fairly challenging, until you discover their pattern.

In the end, Danan is an excellent little game, not too challenging and maybe a bit short but it provides enough entertaining elements to be worth a few plays. If you like the genre, Danan is a game you won't want to miss!

Bottom line: an excellent action adventure game with great production values for sega's 8 bit console...8/10











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