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version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: ncs - publisher: masaya - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint- rarity: rare

A cool Eclipse in the 1st level


This level isn't very impressive although there are nice background deformations underwater


Kill the hanging alien ball sack!


Navigate through this labyrinthine level


The huge R-Type-ish spaceship level is not missing of course...


A red-blooded sunset...


Some levels towards the end of the game look very refined


Moving stone blocks can be a pain


Salamander anyone?


The last boss is maybe the hardest part of the game


A shot of the beautiful ending sequence


Review - Gleylancer is another side-scrolling shooter I owned (and sold) over 12 years ago and in all honesty, I even forgot about it until recently.

After some research, I found out it had become a very sought-after underground shooter. I decided to track it down a second time and to my surprise, I realized it was hard to come by and it had become expensive! Anyways, after locating a copy I gave it a go and I must say that although I didn't remember it that well, it proved to be a very playable and engrossing shooter.

Sure the graphics can be uneven reaching both peaks of excellence and low-points but overall the extensive use of several parallax layers and the convincing use of colors make it look attractive.

Moreover, the long intro and cool cutscenes and ending sequence are very well done.

The music is melodic and there are a couple of very good tunes that will actually make you want to go through the music test in the option menu. There even is some sampled speech, usually consisting of garbled voices warning of dangers ahead. They painfully reminded me of those in Thunder Force II though hehe

Gameplay is pretty standard although the weapon system is somewhat original. Two satellites can be collected and according to what you choose at the beginning of the game, you can have them shooting in a variety of different ways, like backward or Gradius-style or all around you etc.

Also, it is possible to adjust the speed of your ship, and this is a useful feature especially against certain bosses. Gleylancer difficulty isn't very high. I finished the game both on Easy and Normal mode without problems so I would say it is perfect for people who either aren't very good at this type of games or for newbies. So grab your pad, and get ready to go through 11 levels packed with interesting enemies and situations.

Here, frustration is left at the door as this game is just pure, undiluted fun. For the laziest players out there, there is even a function which lets the ship shoot automatically by itself, so you won't even need to keep your thumb on the fire button. Life is beautiful, ain't it?!

Bottom line: One of the better examples of how a shooter should be designed. Not very original but definitely well done...7/10











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