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Eliminate Down

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: aprinet - publisher: soft vision - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very











Review - One could legitimately ask what could possibly be hiding under the esoteric 'Eliminate Down" title? Punishment.

Punishment and utter helplessness. This is what I felt the first time I hooked up my Genesis to play Eliminate Down. To me, it was the personification of the concept of apocalypse in the form of a Megadrive cart! It's hard to describe what goes on on the 1st few tries. Let's just say that knowing and remembering what comes next is fundamental in this game. To rely only on reflexes to dodge enemies' attacks will invariably end with your ship exploding in a million pieces.

This shooter isn't flawed, actually it is one of the best side-scrolling shooters on Megadrive.

The graphics are a sight to behold, since colors are well chosen, the enemies are varied, bosses are cool, some kind of parallax scrolling is also always blessing the backgrounds, and the music is extremely catchy and suits the game to perfection. It must be noted though that when there are a lot of things going on at once on the screen, it's like having a 'flickering Fiesta' since apparently the MD hardware can move only a limited amount of sprites at once! But aside from this small problem (really only visible in a section of level 5), Eliminate Down is a well rounded classic shooter that, in my opinion, can be ranked among the best of its era. And as such, it has the typical gameplay of shooters of that particular time. This means that learning the levels, knowing what comes next and remembering the enemies pattern becomes the name of the game.

The "old school" gameplay is sure to have an impact on you (either positively or negatively), but once you understand it, it will be very hard to put down the pad before accomplishing successfully the mission! Despite the old school gameplay, Eliminate Down plays very differently from games such as R-type. It is faster (luckily). The stress is put on knowing your foes, knowing their weaknesses and knowing where to shoot first to make your life easier later. I personally found the game to be a lot easier by trying to avoid death up until level 5.

Also, keeping a shield up until that point should make the task of finishing the 4 succeeding levels easier. There are a total of 9 levels, the hardest of which are probably positioned in the middle of the game. All in all, Eliminate Down is a welcome surprise from an obscure developer.

If you enjoy old fashioned 2D shooters, you won't be disappointed by this little known gem that comes straight from the golden age of two-dimensional side-scrolling shooters.

Bottom line: Mean and rare, a shooter to own. 8/10










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