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Elemental Master

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: tecno soft - publisher: renovation products - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: slight

Tecnosoft own Undead Line clone


This boss is very reminiscent of the lava boss in Axelay!


The intro-outro and cutscenes are gorgeous


Bosses aren't vey hard once you learn their pattern


This guy right here will initially give you a headache


Really awesome-looking boss which seems impossible at first


Hint: use the default-weapon magic spell to incinerate her in no time


The last boss is vicious and has 3 forms. Die and it's back to the beginning of the level.


The end.

Review - Time to review another fantasy over-head vertical shooter by Mega Drive wizard Tecnosoft.

I use to own this game back in the day, but I could never finish it. Recently, I picked it up from ebay for cheap so I gave it another go and to my surprise, I must say that I didn't remember it to be so good!

Initially, you'll be given the choice to start out your quest by choosing one out of four selectable stages a bit like in Undead Line. Actually there are several similarities between the two games although Tecnosoft offer isn't as challenging initially.

Graphically, Elemental Master is pretty nice. Sprites are nicely drawn, with a decent amount of frames while enemies are varied and bosses are overall pretty cool. Backgrounds are also nicely detailed, although they could have used some additional colors.

Moving on to the music, the tunes in this game simply rock! They are very inspired and they will most certainly make you want to track down the soundtrack cd. The composers at Tecnosoft really let their artistic vein flow freely to deliver one of the most memorable game soundtrack ever!

Gameplay is extremely addictive and the weapon system significantly enhances the strategic element of this great game. At any time during play, you'll be able to switch among a maximum of 5 different weapons, each with their peculiar characteristics. By keeping the fire button pressed, you'll unleash a mega spell which will come in very handy during boss fights. Interestingly, to take care of the legion of monsters which will encircle you, you'll be able to fire either forward or backward. This adds a further element of freshness in the play mechanics.

One thing that I didn't appreciate though is the fact that once you complete a level, you lose your weapon power up and your shield, but at least the programmers were kind enough to let you get your health bar back to full.

In the end, if you enjoy vertical shooters with people (like I enjoy calling them), you MUST play this game. Anyways, it will provide a perfect half-hour gaming fix for those gamers who don't have much time to play. This of course doesn't mean you'll actually be able to finish it in that amount of time because Elemental Master becomes very challenging by the last stage (there is a total of 7 stages) where you'll be required to kill all of the previous bosses in a row, in pure old school madness! Don't worry though because by learning the bosses pattern, it won't be impossible to see the ending of this excellent piece of gaming history!

Bottom line: Elemental Master strikes the perfect balance between graphics, music and gameplay. Tecnosoft at it's best! ....9/10











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