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Centurion Defender of Rome

version: usa - year: 1991 - developer: bit'o magic - publisher: electronic arts - format: genesis, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: slight


From England to the Persian Gulf, the Roman Empire was one of the greatest Empires of western civilization. All of the Mediterranean sea was under Roman control and the Romans referred to it as the Mare Nostrum or Mare Internum which literally means Our Sea or Internal Sea.

Review - "Surrender with honor or die in disgrace!"

According to the legend, Rome was founded in 753 BCE. In a time where the European continent was populated by various warlike tribes, and where the Mediterranean was constantly swept by different Empires and civilizations, Rome progressively conquered its own independence from the Etruscan people and established a Republic.

Centurion Defender of Rome picks up from this historic moment, putting in the player's hands the fate of the Roman Empire.

Centurion is my favorite strategy game on Genesis. Battles are fun, and there are a lot of possible strategies to use to outsmart your adversaries. You can give orders to your troops in real time, since you will be actively fighting along them. Just make sure your voice reach is sufficient. Fighting is not the only option since you can create useful alliances with neighboring kingdoms if your diplomatic skills are good enough.

Organize chariot races to keep the populace happy, fight your foes by land or sea to guarantee your survival and the expansion of the Empire!

Bottom line: an excellent port from the PC and Amiga classic which is missing gladiatorial combats but in turn has zero loading time....8/10










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