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Arrow Flash

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: good - rarity: slight

Arrow Flash was also released in the USA and Europe


Levels tend to feel sightly boring, with predictable enemy patterns


Sometimes, the background will scroll vertically or diagonally to add some needed variety


Bosses aren't very hard...


Thunder Force III anyone?!


The Arrow Flash attack is powerful, use it often!


Another easy boss fight. The safe spot is the bottom-left corner


The last boss is nicely detailed but again, pretty easy to get rid off.


Only a handful of people worked on this game


Mission completed...if only saving the galaxy was always so easy ;)

Review - Arrow Flash is another Mega Drive / Genesis exclusive 2D shooter which came out about the same time as Whip Rush.

For some reason, I find it easy to confuse the two titles, although the games are fairly different. What sets this shooter aside from others is an ability called Arrow Flash which can be performed either by charging up and releasing the C button (unlimited use) or by collecting an icon on the playing field in which case the Arrow Flash attack requires no charging time but is limited in numbers.

Interestingly, you can also toggle anytime between a spaceship and a mech, each having their own arrow flash attack: the mech literally catches on fire and becomes invincible and it becomes possible to literally charge the enemies (a bit like in Night Raid) while the other attack is a bunch of big lasers which are pretty powerful. Aside from this gameplay twist, there is little else in this game to set it aside from the endless sea of games of this type which have been produced.

Graphically it is just above average, with backgrounds which are varied but not always very well drawn. Sometimes it will seem that the ship stays still while the screen moves…this effect is rather poor and a bit depressing although it isn't felt everywhere luckily! Backgrounds have a fair number of parallax layers and some even include some interesting warping effects but overall, the graphics don't look that hot.

The music is also not particularly memorable as the tunes sound just generic and not very atmospheric…

In the end, Arrow Flash is not a difficult shooter so it could appeal either to novices of the genre or to Mech fans or shooters collectors. The rest of the crowd would probably do a good thing to pass this one up though.

Bottom line: a generic thunderforce look alike with above average gameplay...6/10











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