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Altered Beast

version: jp, pal - year: 1989, 1990 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: mega drive, 4mbit cartridge - condition: mint, good - rarity: common

Review - Altered Beast polarized opinions like few other games out there.Many loved it and as many people hated it, so SEGA democratically bundled it for free with the Megadrive in Europe ;)

I enjoyed the fact you could turn into different beasts in every level, and it was great fun with a friend.

This port is close to the arcade game it is based on, although I believe controls are slightly tighter making it more playable here.

For the rest, graphically the arcade game looks crisper and the sampled speech is of higher quality, but to me the only true Altered Beast experience must be enjoyed on the Mega Drive.

Bottom line: one of the earliest games on mega drive and also one of the best (or one of the worst?!) 8/10











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