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XDR aka X-Dazedly-Ray

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: affect - publisher: unipacc - format: mega drive, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: common

XDR is one of the countless traditional shooters which were so common in the 1990s


Most levels look decent, although sometimes the use of the color palette is a little daring.


XDR is a a soul-less Gradius clone, but it is great for killing half an hour...


The laser is by far the most powerful weapon


The last boss puts up quiet a fight. Destroy the 3 turrets for ultimate glory!


The galaxy is once more safe from the alien Gradius clones :)


"Congratulation. Now, you're hero"

Review - X-Dazedly-Ray or XDR for short means nothing in English and it actually means nothing also as a game.

What to say about it? It's been developed by little known Japanese developer Affect, who shamelessly borrowed most bosses and levels from Gradius, but added some flickering which will occasionally force you to play your games by guessing where your ship is, and bgms which will shatter your nerves after about 15 seconds…

6 levels, 3 difficulty levels, an auto-fire option, no smart bombs, 3 continues and a checkpoint system from which you restart with the basic gun.

This is XDR, doing all this with a terrifying lack of imagination and skill. If you still wanna play this, you might even end up appreciating some of the graphics, which despite some slight scrolling jerkyness, manage to offer some varied backgrounds with parallax effects.

Power ups are also decent but…do you really need to play this?! Well I thought I did and I even found the game challenging enough to deserve 3 consecutive plays. In the end, nothing is majorly wrong in XDR but honestly, I played a thousand other shooters which did everything XDR does, but better.

Bottom line: barely average clone of every other shooter out there....5/10










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