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Valis III

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: telenet japan - publisher: telenet japan - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: common














Review - Valis III is a port of the original PC Engine version and if I remember correctly, this version seems initially much easier to play. The strong-point of this chapter is the ability to hot-swap between three characters, each with her set of abilities and spells.

Also, sprites are generally well drawn and the attention to detail is more than welcome. For example, you're character head will move up when you get ready to take a high jump.

Graphically competent, Valis III scrolls by peacefully and nicely until you hit the ice level. In that level, what seemed to be an easy action game suddenly turns into your worse nightmare. Taking jumps becomes problematic because of added inertia created by the ice on the platforms while the platforming action itself turns into the most obtuse and sadistic piece of gaming I can remember. Taking jumps is not the worse part, as what really becomes a pain is sliding over pits in an attempt to get past certain otherwise impossible spots.

You'll actually have to position yourself exactly at a given distance and slide in order to make it and with only 3 lives per continue, it becomes a marathon of pure masochism trying to get past the same unfair spot for the hundredth time...

There are indeed infinite continues but every time you restart a continue, you are sent back to the beginning of the level.

Killer snow flakes (you read that right, I do not kid you) are also positioned in the most unfair spots you can imagine, and believe me, you'll start to picture the evil grin of the programmers after you'll be attempting to get past this level for a whole afternoon.

The last level isn't nearly as hard, but the last boss is very, very hard. I mean, insanely hard.

Not sure this game is exactly fun to play, although I have a weakness for this forgotten series.

I also would like to mention the music which is very inspired and melodic. There is a nice hidden music select option which I used extensively to listen to a couple of memorable tunes. Apparently it's available only in the Japanese version though.

Bottom line: was probably more attractive back in the day, with its mouth-watering cut-scenes and inspired graphics. Today, it feels a bit passé and the brutal difficulty spikes don't help it much. 6,5/10










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