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V-5 aka Grind Stormer

version: jp- year: 1990 - developer: toaplan - publisher: tengen - format: mega drive, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Released in the west as Grind Stormer


Graphically similar to other Toaplan shooters


This boss looks like the guardian boss in Dogyuun


Power Ups look highly spectacular. This is where Batsugun has its roots!

Review - Ported from the 1993 arcade game by Toaplan, this Mega Drive port seems to be fairly close in terms of gameplay although the graphics have been scaled down, especially in terms of colors.

This shouldn't lead you to believe that V-5 looks bad, as it easily rivals the best shooters on the system. What is interesting is that it includes two playing modes:
1) the Japanese V-5 mode (or V-V with roman numeral V) which feature a Gradius-style power up system and
(2) the western Grind Stormer mode, which features a more traditional power up system and smart bombs.

V-5 can count on some very inspired visuals, very detailed and reminiscent of other Toaplan shooters such as Truxton (with which it unfortunately shares the huge side-status bar) and Dogyuun. Gameplay is straightforward and pretty hard, especially with the limited continues available.

I would suggest unlocking free-play (which you can by performing a joypad combination). It isn't really cheating and it will allow you to be able to see the japanese V-5 mode (the one I prefer) from start to finish in an afternoon or two. The only real downer here is actually the ending: what's showtime supposed to mean?

Bottom line: one of the best vertical shooters on Mega Drive but it doesn't look as good as the original coin op though....8/10










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