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Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special

version: jp- year: 1990 - developer: toho - publisher: toho - format: mega drive, 4mbit cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon








Review - Based on the 1988 Kaneko coin-op, Heavy Unit Mega Drive Special is a tough little bastard. Really.

You initially start with a spaceship although soon enough you can transform into a mech. Apparently, given the huge dimension of the sprite, the mech gives you a disadvantage over the smaller spaceship until you find out that the mech has a homing missiles secondary weapon which wipes out the screen of enemies in seconds.

So once you get the mech and power it up, this game becomes very easy and you can dispose of bosses literally within seconds you engage the fight. This until you lose a life and if that happens in stage 3 or 4, that's it you are doomed.

Heavy Unit is one of those old school shooters which must be beaten with 1 life. The extra continues provided are totally useless because whenever you lose a life, you are left with no weapons facing enemies which suddenly become near to impossible to beat.

If you can get past this design flaw, Heavy Unit can provide a decent diversion, although the unsophisticated look of the graphics will soon make you wonder why you're still playing the game.

Bottom line: either you 1cc it to the end, or you might as well go to hell. 6/10










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