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Yang Jia Jiang aka Legend of the Commander of the Yang Family

version: unofficial hk release - year: 199x - developer: xxx - publisher: xxx - format: mega drive, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

These unofficial releases don't always come boxed with instructions


The option screen is bare-bone and upon finishing the game there is no credits roll. Who are the mysterious developers?


You can pick among 4 characters


Graphics are fairly detailed


This game is challenging but never frustrating


Concentrate on the boss as minions will keep coming


This game is very reminiscent of Tenchi Wo Kurau II


The great wall of China is one of the coolest stages and it even has a nice parallax effect


Charging bosses is risky but rewarding


Hit the purple robot puppet several times and they will explode. It is a good strategy to make them explode when there are many enemies around

Review - Yang Jia Jiang can roughly be translated to something like "Legend of the Commander of the Yang Family" and from the information I gathered, the game is inspired from ancient popular epic Chinese tales.

It is a 2D side-scrolling fighter in which basically you have to beat the crap out of all the baddies in the level and then face an end-of-level boss (surrounded by his minions) before moving to the next level.

Graphically, Yang Jia Jiang could be described as a Final Fight clone set in ancient China . The game will look familiar to players who played Tenchi Wo Kurau II.

Sprites are big and decently animated although some of them could look a bit more refined. Backgrounds are varied and interesting to see although at times levels tend to stretch for too long before getting to the boss.

The music features catchy Chinese tunes that set the tempo of the action perfectly but strangely sound effects seem to be missing altogether!

Gameplay feels satisfying as handling works perfectly while collision detection is very good most of the time although it can happen that falling enemies can bounce back on the player and hit him. The effect is pretty strange and not very realistic… Also, I found airborne attacks to look a bit silly and not very effective but this is not a major flaw as the rest of the play mechanics work great. It is possible to perform a powerful special attack (A button) but it drains some of the health bar so it should be used only in desperate situations!

Also, grabs are pretty easy to perform but they don't drain too much energy so they are actually more useful just to clear up a temporary path by throwing the enemy right into the crowd!

All in all, I would say that this game is surprisingly addictive considering its simplicity. It certainly provides a good diversion especially if you need a break from the latest 3D blockbuster. It is nice to see that there are still some good little games that can be discovered on my beloved Mega Drive!

Bottom line: a cool little side-scrolling fighter with some trivial programming faults but still fun to play....7/10











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