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SHUI HU FENG YUN ZHUAN aka Beneath the Clouds

version: unofficial hk release - year: 1999 - developer: never ending soft - publisher: never ending soft - format: mega drive, cartridge - condition: mint, w/o manual - rarity: very

These unofficial releases don't always come boxed with instructions


This game came out in 1999! The MD is apparently hard to die!


Choose among 3 characters


Beautiful graphics with excellent animations


Here get ready to deal with 2 bosses


Look at the graphics...is this really a MD?


These guys look like they are coming straight out of Golden Axe


This game ranks among the best MD action games


Magic spells look spectacular and deal a whole lot of damage


She has a familiar look...I bet she has some Belmont blood running in her veins :)


It is possible to run to avoid enemies

Review - Ok so SHUI HU FENG YUN ZHUAN should mean something like "In the Clouds" or "Beneath the Clouds" (here again if someone feels like helping me out with this, I would appreciate it!) and believe it or not but hidden under this exotic name there is an unbelievable Mega Drive fighting game!

After playing the first levels just for a few moments, the similarities between this game and Knights of the Round will immediately become apparent to you. The graphics do have that distinctive awesome Capcom look of early 1990s side-scrolling fighters and everything from the choice of the color palette, to the amazingly detailed backgrounds and characters to the ultra smooth parallax scrolling ooze quality. Simply put, Never Ending Soft squeezed the Mega Drive chips to deliver amazing graphics that could look like they are running on some high level SFC production.

The music is appropriate to the feudal-Chinese setting and unlike "Legend of the Commander of the Yang Family", there are some nice sound effects that complement the action although to be honest, the death rattle of enemies sounds a bit rustling.

Gameplay is where SHUI HU FENG YUN ZHUAN really outshines many official productions on Sega's 16 bit console: both aerial and ground-based attacks work perfectly while collision detection is simply flawless and magic spells (that can be performed by collecting scrolls scattered throughout the levels) are deadly and spectacular.

It is really hard to find anything wrong in this game. It came out as late as 1999 (a year after the Dreamcast was released in Japan !) and it is probably one of the finest action games to grace the console.

Although it is an unofficial release, it should nevertheless have a place in any serious Mega Drive collection! MegaDrivers, you are all warned now!!

Bottom line: a post-mortem quality release for your mega drive. What are you waiting for, start your quest on finding it!....9/10











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