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version: jp - year: 1986- developer: compile - publisher: sega - format: master system, my card- condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Gulkave was released on a Credit Card size My Card cartridge, which looks very similar to a PC Engine HuCard.

Review - Early Compile shooter released first on Sega Mark III and then on MSX, with the addition of two extra levels.

Gulkave is a simple yet challenging side-scrolling shooter which compensates the simple graphics with fast gameplay and smooth parallax scrolling.

It is no surprise that graphically it looks a bit simple, because this cart is actually backward compatible with Sega's earlier generation consoles SC-3000 and SG-1000.

Compile’s touch can be seen in the turret-style end-of-level bosses which are a trademark of all their shooters.

Gulkave is challenging but also fun. It’is well worth a try, considering that the Mark III library does not really have a ton of quality hardcore shmups.

Bottom line: 30 levels of relentless shooting madness await for the brave who ventures into Gulkave. Unjustly
underrated. 7,5/10










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