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version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: ving co ltd - publisher: ving co ltd- format: fm towns, marty cd rom - condition: good - rarity: very


You can even face the mirror to take a good look at your mask...details like these are always welcome


The quality of the screenshots is low since they were scanned from the back-cover


The church level has a special atmosphere. The music in there sounds definitely Castlevania-like, while the upside-down cross makes for an interesting boss. Censored in the PCE version.

Review - Splatterhouse is a side-scrolling action game that came out back in 1988, courtesy of Namco.

Because of the unprecedented detail of the gory and disturbing graphical depictions of the monstrosities and aberrations that inhabit the mansion, it struck the gaming community of the time and left a mark into videogames history as one of the most gruesome games ever.

Moreover, the many similarities with the B- horror movie Friday the 13th certainly contributed to grant to the game the Cult-status it now enjoys among fans.

There were a certain number of home-ports like the Famicom and the PCE versions but none of these could really deliver the same detail and impact of the audio-visuals present in the arcade game. To be able to properly enjoy a faithful port, players had to wait for Ving to bring the game to the Marty / FM Towns.

Splatterhouse on Marty is an astounding technical achievement. Graphically, this version is the closest you can get to the original arcade game, and it wouldn't be wrong to call it a pixel-perfect port.

Peculiar to this version are various graphical modes (Hi-Res, Low-Res etc) but for the rest, everything stays true to the original game. Sprites are big, nicely animated and highly detailed. When enemies die under your attacks, you can often see them explode in a geyser of flesh and blood :) The cool thing about Splatterhouse is that enemies don't always die in the same way. There are several alternative death animations depending on who you are facing, the level you are in and the weapon you are using.

Weapons selection is one of the greatest aspects of the game as you will be provided at one point or another with wooden sticks, cleavers, shotguns and one-time use weapons such as spears, rocks etc...

The music and sound-effects are particularly appropriate and you will certainly notice them while playing (yes, they are that good!).

Gameplay is pretty straight-forward although a minimum amount of strategy is required to beat some of the bosses in the latter levels. Usually, to maximize your chances of success, it is a good thing to save weapons (or rounds of ammunitions if you are using the shotgun) for the boss encounters. Punches and kicks are pretty effective but they certainly don't deal the same amount of damage as weapons do.

To conclude, Splatterhouse is a very enjoyable arcade game, simple, rewarding and fun. It doesn't require a whole lot of time to be completed so it is the kind of game you'll want to play when you have a little hour to kill! On a side note, Splatterhouse on Marty is one of the rarest and most expensive games on the system but it is worth digging into if you are a Marty owner or if you are planning to get the pcb.

Bottom line: a very impressive port of one of the most successful arcade games of the late 1980s...9/10


To get your girl back, you will need to venture into this lugubrious mansion










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