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version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: ving, allumer - publisher: ving - format: fm towns, marty cd rom - condition: mint, w/o extra pad - rarity: very

This screenshot is taken from the arcade board but the Marty version looks very close as far as I can tell

Review - This weapon-based 2D fighter similar to Samurai Shodown (in concept) is set in a Fantasy Universe inspired from Greek Mythology.

The graphics feature big sprites, decently animated and it's actually possible to inflict visible damage to armor and shields. The backgrounds are varied, colourful and all have a layer of parallax scrolling.

The epic tunes enhance the idea of fighting for survival in a world filled with dangers where it is still possible to become a legend!

Unfortunately, most of the good stuff is a bit let down by the poor control scheme. Blandia is at times, a very choppy game (at least on the Marty). Fighters often don't respond as fast as one would hope them to, and collision detection could have used some additional tweaking.

Despite these evident flaws, I don't feel like condemning Blandia altogether because fighting games are rare to come by on Marty / FM Towns and this game fills the gap, although it is far from being a classic.

Personally, I appreciated the Greek theme of the game and the character design is pretty decent. One character even looks like Conan the barbarian!

The game should come with a 6 buttons pad but I don't know to which extent playing with the regular pad (as I did) affects gameplay.

Bottom line: an average 2d fighter with a nice mythological theme....6/10












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