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Shadow of the Beast II

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: psygnosis - publisher: psygnosis - format: fm towns, marty, cd rom - condition: mint - rarity: very

Review - This version of Shadow of the Beast II is very rare and it features some Marty exclusives that are worth mentioning such as the new intro (which is nothing to write home about though), some improved graphics, some interesting cut scenes between levels and the inclusion of spoken dialogues (in Japanese).

Psygnosis did a good job in improving the cosmetics since this version is probably the best looking one, beating even the Amiga original. Also, the cutscenes are very well done, with neat 3D effects and such.

On the gameplay side, the programmers tried to improve the game by lowering the difficulty level, but the game feels nevertheless unplayable at times, due to the fact that enemies keep reforming forever and that their attack pattern are completly random and almost impossible to avoid.

Marty Shadow of the Beast II is the ultimate Beast II port but it is still an average adventure.

Bottom line: The best looking Shadow of the Beast II port alhtough not a great game of its own....6,5/10


The Marty/FM Towns port has much better graphics than the Amiga or Sega CD versions.











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