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Rastan Saga, Nastar and Warrior Blade OST by Zuntata. Remixed music for one of the best vgs-related OST ever!






Huge statues of great kings built into the surrounding mountains seem to salute you as you cross the bridge to enter the castle...

I was asked by the princess of the kingdom of Ceim to slay the Dragon who wrecked havoc in the Empire. For that near to impossible task, I was offered all the treasures of the Empire. Armed with cold steel, and the determination to become far richer than I could ever imagine, I undertook the quest to the Dragon's Lair. As I ventured deep into hostile land, hordes of enemies attacked me from all corners trying to put a premature end to my quest. I wasn't ready to give up, as I slayed enemies by the hundreds, and I grew confident I could indeed ultimately triumph…Evil was everywhere but I savagely fought it with its own weapons. Creatures from the underworld, beasts or wizards…it didn't matter to me as they would all succumb under the might of my blows!!

Rastan's epic adventure can hardly be described with words alone and even screenshots can't give justice to one of the best side-scrolling action adventure games of the ‘80s. With this tribute, I tried to give the well deserved recognition to one of the most addictive and playable action platformers of all times.

The 1st level in particular introduces the player to a vivid fantasy universe, where the only rule that counts is that of steel. Morality? There is no time for that. Kill or be killed, get to the end of your quest, collect the dragon's head for a rich treasure and maybe get some of the princess sweet love in the process but then, move on to new adventures because if you settle down, you are history!

Rastan came out on a variety of formats and spawned three sequels. The original game came out in the arcades, and then was ported to SMS, GG, C-64, Spectrum, Amstrad, PC, Apple II, MSX2 and recently PS2 as part of a retro collection called Taito Memories Vol.1. The Japanese name of the game is known as Rastan Saga while in the west it is known as Rastan tout court.

In a similar way, Rastan Saga II (also known as Nastar) was originally an arcade release but it was then ported to PCE and Megadrive / Genesis and later to Taito Memories Volume 2 on the PS2.

Finally Warrior Blade (aka Rastan Saga III) has been for a long time an arcade exclusive. It came out on a weird board similar to Taito's F2 system but it was to be played on 2 screens! As late as 2007, it appeared on PS2 as part of the compilation Taito Memories II Volume 2, and up until today it is the one and only time it made it in our homes. Gameplay is way more similar to a hack'n'slash, Golden Axe style with beefy characters and amazingly good 2D graphics.

Years later, another game using the Rastan name came out in Japan on PS2 and GC. Warrior Blade Rastan vs Barbarian is a 1-on-1 3D fighting game, somewhat reminiscent of Powerstone.



Rastan comic strip below!

(Extract from the manual of the C-64 Disk version)



Enjoyed Rastan? You won't be disapponted by the Astyanax then!



































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