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Space Berserker

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: pioneer ldc - publisher: pioneer ldc - format: laseractive + mega ld, laserdisc - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Japanese Mega LDs come with a spine. All Mega Lds are region-free.


Cut-scenes are well done, and look very crisp even today.


Special effects like deformations look gorgeous


Some pretty face will keep an eye on you throughout the game. The quality of the in-game movies is excellent although sometimes, there is a bit of "noise" in FMV sequences, but that is considered as being normal in the CLD-A100 manual.


3D models look good


sprite-based enemies are the weakest part of this otherwise excellent package

Review - Space Berserker runs on the obscure Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive platform which was basically an extremely expensive technology marvel released in 1993.

Interestingly, it could play a variety of different formats ranging from laserdisc movies, to laseractive games, normal audio cds and even exotic formats such as CDVs. A number of modules were commercialized, allowing the CLD-A100 to play alternatively, Mega Drive and Mega-CD games or Pc Engine Hucards and CDs. The modules called PACs were region specific, as the system was released both in Japan and the USA, meaning that a US Sega module would only play Genesis and Sega-CD games while a Japanese module would only play mega drive andmega-cd games. Interestingly, the modules themselves could be swapped around regardless of the CLD-A100 region.

Space Berserker is a LaserActive disk which was specifically developed for the CLD-A100 equipped with the Mega Drive / Genesis module, therefore it is referred to as a Mega LD (Mega Drive Laser Disc).

It is an on-rail shooter, viewed in first person from the cockpit of the ship in which you have to move the cross hair to eliminate incoming enemies. It basically combines beautiful 3D pre-rendered backgrounds with 2D sprites. The effect is a bit weird at first, because there is a big difference in quality between the 2D elements which are processed by the Mega Drive expansion module and the 3D elements which are actually processed by the CLD-A100 hardware itself. Once you get past this apparent incoherence in the graphics, you’ll be treated with beautiful sceneries, nice camera spins and turns, cool mpeg-1 intermissions and sequences which create a cinematic feel to the whole experience and give to the game a space-opera feel.

The soundtrack enhances and fits the action perfectly and is of the highest quality, and even includes cool speeches (which you can set in the options screen as either English or Japanese).

All this goodness will fill your eyes and ears but it’s all over too soon! With only about 3 levels, there isn’t just enough to keep you entertained for more than 20 minutes, and it is unfortunate because what is squeezed within those 20 minutes is just excellent!

In the end, I would warmly recommend this game if you own one of these uncommon CLD-A100 systems, because not only you get a shooter with one of the coolest names ever, but you also get an awesome insight into a technology that was well ahead of its time!

Bottom line: simple, unique, beautiful, experimental, surprising but too damn short! 8/10










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