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version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: taito - publisher: pioneer ldc - format: laseractive + mega ld, laserdisc - condition: mint - rarity: very

the killer application for the laseractive + mega ld module


CGI intermissions are spectacular...


just like background graphics.


It's a wise idea to keep smart bomb for boss fights, when possible.


Some levels will be disorienting, while you'll be flying literally upside down.


This deformation effect is jaw-dropping!


Flying through the abandoned carcass of a ship...

Review - Another interesting on-rail shooter for LaserActive, running on the Sega Module.

Unlike Space Berserker, Hyperion has a 3rd person view, where you see your ship from the back.

Graphically, Hyperion is VERY impressive. Again, there is that weird mix of 2D sprites and 3D pre-rendered backgrounds, and somehow it works also because levels tend to be simply gorgeous. Lots of lens flare, slick polygonal models, varied levels, engrossing gameplay, not sure what more one could ask??

Really, when I first inserted that big laserdisc into the tray and started playing the game, a huge smile materialized across my face and I felt the same kind of absolute and genuine wonder I normally experience the first time I play something literally awesome.

Level 1 sees you travelling into an asteroid field at high speed, and all is very spectacular because of quick camera changes while level 3 showcases some truly exceptional deformation effects which must be witnessed in motion. The amount of surprises this game has in store are many just because backgrounds are so inspired! You’ll fly into the abandoned wreckage of a ship, or right through the enemy fleet, slaloming your way out to face some organic mothership.

Some levels have a more abstract look, like level 5 in which you’ll have to take down some kind of grid-like main frame . There are 7 levels, the last one being basically a long boss fight, and all in all, Hyperion feels like a true accomplished game and not some kind of mouth-watering tech demo like Space Berserker.

The music is also very good, with a powerful soundtrack which fits the game perfectly while gameplay is also quality stuff.

The ship you control never hides enemy fire which is a common problem with games à la Space Harrier. Also, by collecting flying pods, you can upgrade your weapon by increasing the firing rate or you can collect health. You also have about 4 smart bombs in your arsenal which most definitely helps out against bosses.

In the end, if you own a LaserActive and enjoy shooters, there is really no way around this game: it’s the killer application for the system, and a spectacular shooter in its own right.

Bottom line: feels like a pumped up version of Astron Belt, but exponentially better. 9/10










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