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Vajra 2

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: data west - publisher: pioneer - format: laseractive, LD-ROM2 - condition: 1 long scratch on disc otherwise mint, w/reg.card, w/o spine - rarity: very

Very rare LD-ROM2 which justifies by itself the purchase of a Nec Pac. 3D goggles compatible game on side B.


Just like in Vajra, you can select bewteen 2 difficulty levels.


The intro is amazingly detailed and really shows what Data West was able to achieve on the LaserActive, after a year of experience on the machine.


The graphics have been widely improved over the prequel...


Here, shoot the red button on the wall to deactivate a laser beam.


There is some mild interaction with the backgrounds this time.


Bosses furiously zoom in and out of the camera.


The organic level looks gorgeous in motion.


Getting ready for the final showdown...


After defeating the last boss, another boss will show up after the credits roll!


Mission completed!


Upon finishing the game, this cheat will pop up which requires some Joypad manipulations to access some additional game options.


A very useful stage select option, infinite smart bombs and infinite health. But where is the music select option?!

Review - Direct sequel of the 1993 Laserdisc Vajra, Vajra 2 is the bomb!

Compared to Vajra, this sequel plays a bit more like another laserdisc game called Pyramid Patrol, meaning that you actually feel you’re inside a cockpit, controlling a mech.

There are on-foot and flying levels, and there is even some moderate background interaction this time around.

This is again a shooter in first person, in which you control a target but unlike Vajra 1, here every level includes many smaller enemies, and then a huge end-of-level boss. You can switch between a larger target which is less powerful but easier to aim, and a smaller target which is harder to aim but more powerful.

Also, by pressing button I on the joypad, you’ll unleash smart bombs which work exactly as in the first game. So even if Vajra 2 looks very different from Vajra 1, gameplay retains a certain continuity with the prequel, which is very good.

Technically speaking, Vajra 2 looks astonishing! It is hard to believe it looks so much better than the first game, as here 3D backgrounds are fully textured and very diverse from one another, enemies are definitely more varied, and end-of-level bosses look mind-boggling! Bosses will quickly zoom in and out of the screen, with dramatic camera angles which allow appreciating their beautiful designs details.

Even the music has been enhanced, with more varied tunes which are extremely inspired and fit each level perfectly. In the organic level, the music seems to come out straight from a classic Castlevania OST!

There are only a handful of games available for the rare PC Engine Pac N-1 module, and Vajra 2 is not only the ultimate tech demo and killer application for it, showing what it can really do, but it is also one of the best looking and more playable Laserdisc games out there.

Bottom line: Vajra 2 will bewitch you with its elusive beauty. If you ever wondered what Laserdisc gaming is all about, here you’ll find all the answers. 10/10










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