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Infinity Blade II

year: 2011 - developer: chair/ epic games - publisher: apple - format: ipad2, iOS

The initial setting looks like feudal Japan...


...with beautiful cherry blossom trees and...monsters!


The story this time around isn't very good


although combat has been refined and is deeper now


while monsters look ever more detailed...


and are bigger than before.

Review - Building on the success of Infinity Blade, this sequel ups the bar in terms of levels size and graphical detail, with gorgeous sections in open air and even bigger monsters to fight.

Not everything has been improved though as the original fictional language created for the first game is just briefly used in the introduction to then be replaced by plain English. This has the effect of taking some of the mystery and exotic-ness away from the atmosphere of the story.

Also, the graphical improvements come at the cost of some hiccups in the 3D Engine which seems to cope with all the extra detail with some difficulty. I played the game on an IPAD2 64 GB with plenty of space and this disappointed me a bit. I have to say that after a few games, Infinity Blade II ran much smoother with only very occasional indecisions.

Bottom line: Infinity Blade II is basically more of the same, although the formula has been tweaked by adding two-handed weapons and combos. For the rest, it’s business as usual for one of the best games on the IPAD to date whose only fault is to come after Infinity Blade itself. 9/10










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