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Infinity Blade

year: 2010 - developer: chair / epic - publisher: apple - format: ipad2, iOS download

A series of duels which require swift reflexes and a bit of mind-reading!


Programmed using Epic Unreal Engine 3


...to deliver memorable full 3D visuals


...and beautifully detailed artwork

Review - I am new to iOS gaming and the only reason why I decided to try out Infinity Blade on an Ipad 2 was the 0,79 euro cent price tag and to be perfectly honest, it blew my mind away.

What the developer Chair managed to create is a unique playing experience that can only be appreciated on a touch-device.

Infinity Blade could be defined as an on-rail action/rpg similar to the Neo-Geo forgotten classic Crossed Swords, plus touch feature and gruesome finishes.

Infinity Blade is rather linear, offering just a couple of different paths and a circular concept of perpetual reincarnation and levelling up until you get powerful enough to buy better equipment to kill the latter bosses and acquire the Infinity Blade weapon itself to unlock the true final ending.

Bottom line: If you could buy only one game in your life and needed just value for money, I think Infinity Blade would be the answer! 10/10










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