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year: 2012 - developer: sunside inc - publisher: apple - format: ios, ipad 2, digital download

Crow was a two-men project and maybe because of it, the vision of the coders to create a thing of beauty shines through this game so brightly.


The dreamy landscapes and soothing yet powerful and at times epic music will sure make an impact on you...


The on-rail action may turn some players off though. A suspicious-looking white mist will block almost immediately your exploration attempts.


By level 3, the difficulty brutally ramps up, with 1-hit kills becoming the norm. Use the shield!


Collecting Blue Diamonds will allow to upgrade your powers


The final boss is tough and you have to fight him in four battles. Die at any one point and you are sent back to the beginning of the fight. I even contacted one of the developers, Richard over at sunsidegames.com to know what to do on the last part and he replied quickly! Basically, on the 4th round when the boss energy bar gets down to zero, keep on hitting him fast or else he'll keep on resurrecting!


Review - Developed by a two-men team, Crow is an unusual on-rail action game reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon minus the shooting.

Here, you'll just be using spells to either attack your enemies, or to create a shield around yourself for protection.

The strengths of Crow reside in its unique audio-visuals and in its mysterious and magical atmosphere as you'll be directed by some superior being to clear various lands from a number of threats.

Once a boss or guardian is defeated, you'll be given a choice to either purify its soul or curse it and depending on what you'll do, the actual ending of the game will be affected.

Gameplay revolves around some mild exploration in which you'll find yourself tapping the screen randomly to uncover various trinkets needed to upgrade your powers, or to uncover the entrance to fight the level boss.

The proprietary 3D engine does a decent job at displaying interesting levels but it shows some weakness in the blocky animations of characters and in some of the floaty physics (especially visible on the bodies of defeated enemies).

Also, you may have some issues in understanding what the game wants you to do in order to clear a level since this isn't explained very well so especially at the beginning, you'll find yourself flying around fascinated but also a bit clueless.

Once you get past this initial uncertainty though, Crow will reward you with one of the most unique and original experiences on iOS.

Bottom line: Worth discovering. 8/10










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